Roach Killa Drops Powerful Track “Missin You”!

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Roach Killa is a well known voice in the Desi Hip Hop industry. The wide range of songs that have dropped throughout the years. A thorough emcee, just a glimpse of his sound can tell you what kind of an emcee he is. He has also been making music for a long time now and has been a part of the scene since way back. This makes him a veteran of the game and it just shows with each drop.

In the past he has collaborated with talents like Deep Jandu, Garry Sandhu and many others! And this time he returns with yet another heartfelt, deep and powerful message in “Missin You”. The song is produced by Vee and has been shot and edited by Cineverse Films and Blitz.

Dearly Departed

The song reaches out to comfort and console the loved ones lost for people around the world. The message is strong and well written through two compact, powerful verses by Roach Killa. He also teamed up with Rafaqat Ali Khan who gave his beautiful voice to the chorus if this dope track. Overall,  the track feels tightly engineered and has depth which oversees that the message in it isn’t compromised one bit.

The message itself is truly important during this day and age because it soothes the pain a lot more. It’s great to see Roach spreading a message with his music and the reception that the song is getting is also at its best! We are hoping to hear more from one of the veterans in the scene soon! Keep keeping on king!

Listen to “Missin You” out now on Spotify on the link below!