RjV Ernesto – The Next Rapper/Producer On the Rise Straight Out Of Kerala

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We recently covered Street Academics’ latest track “Kalapila”. That track is on a wavelength of its own. Street Academics has been in the rap game for a long, long time. Consisting of 5 members, they are a group of producers/rappers alike. The fact that they are multi talented is no surprise to anybody. There are some occasions where we overlook the skills of one particular member over the other, and this varies from track to track.

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The Duality Of RjV Ernesto

RjV Ernesto is one such glaring example. The fact that he is such an adept producer is sometimes put in front of the fact that he is a more-than-skillful emcee. He has proved this time and again through each verse that he has performed for S.A. in their collection of songs. He uses ‘Pakarcha Vyadhi’ as his rap alias as well. Did you know that he had dropped a single right after the release of Kalapila?


This single showcases RJV’s creativity and talent as an emcee. It is produced by Naar from the Swadesi group. The way that RJV pulls off this flow itself, and that too in his regional language (Malayalam) just goes to show his proficiency with words and ability with the pen. RJV’s producer image is no doubt well known throughout the country, he is known to have produced some great hits and song for various emcees in the Indian Hip-Hop scene. But with this song, we think it’s about time that we we address RJV as an emcee/producer and not the other way round.


The dark, gritty and horrorcore lights on this track called “Trishanku” is what catches the senses first. On top of that, the meticulous execution of the freeverse. The video sees RJV running his way through the woods, all the while having flashes of what he’s trying to say through this verse. This is just a short glimpse of his skill set. We definitely will be hearing more from him real soon! This song is a part of “The Clash” EP which pits together sounds from different talents, from 4 different parts of India.


DesiHipHop.com will keep you updated about the EP throughout the way. Until then, enjoy the raw sounds of Kerala brought to you by RjV Ernesto and the Street Academics. Watch the video below and let us know what you think! Share and support the sounds and let everyone know the diversity of Hip-Hop in the country!