The Rise Of Bombay Lokal – India’s Next Gen Hip-Hop Collective

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Bombay Lokal is a name that resonates loud and proud throughout the Indian Hip-Hop Scene. The collective has been in the scene for a few years and are steadily spiraling upwards carving a name for themselves on each of their endeavors. Some of its members have also had their share of spotlight on the Bollywood movie “Gully Boy”, but the roots of the collective are far deeper than that.

Each of the collectives’ members have their own unique story. And this directly translates into the way they express their art and represent the artform as a crew. The team has been gearing up towards big achievements and the time has come for the collective to be largely recognized. Mumbai has a strong next generation Hip-Hop collective – one that stands by the culture and preserves the artform.

Lokal Train Flow

The name Bombay Lokal stems from the bloodline of Mumbai – its local trains. Even more apt when the crew hails from a region that lies almost on the outskirts of the city. Each of its members are accustomed to frequenting the local trains, and the name is a story in itself. In a new mini-documentary featured on Vimeo, Bombay Lokal shares their origin stories and the ideals behind the crew. The crew members showcase and share insight on each of their elements and share stories about the inception of the crew.

The collective also has a sub-crew named Lokal Gang. They are the apprentices to the collective. Mentored by Bombay Lokal, it is great to see that the collective is ensuring that the right knowledge about the culture is being passed on. Watch the documentary below about the inception of Bombay Lokal Hip-Hop Collective and share it to support this movement!

Bombay Lokal Hip-Hip Collective from Afroz Khan on Vimeo.