The Return Of Hyderabad Rap Pioneer Mo Boucher!

A blast from the past – Thugz Unit is back! 2020 is bringing in good news every now and then, this time with the return of pioneer emcee Mo Boucher in a new avatar! After a 6 year-long hiatus from the rap scene, Mo returns as Atishbaaz – and has proven to the world that Thugz Unit never went anywhere. The fierce, hard-hitting raps fused with his signature style is always a blessing to be heard.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Mo Boucher (as Atishbaz) is an artist and songwriter with a focus on pioneering Urdu rap music! His sound has a lot of warmth and a focus on great melodies that set the bar higher. Part of the Thugs unit crew, Mo has been one of the true starters of India’s hip-hop culture, opening the doors to a new, exciting, and engaging music scene. They are the true OGs there, and finally, they are back on the scene after a 6-years break!

Their new song, “Hatemonger,” is one of their most energetic and iconic songs to date, and its lyrics can be described as soaring and daring. The track deals with politics and it tackles Indian, as well as American issues. Many governments across the world are embracing bad political ideas, with nationalists and fundamentalists sadly acquiring more and more momentum. Thankfully, artists like Mo are here to speak up and give a voice to the many voiceless people out there. This is one for the rebels! Spitting reality rap with no holds barred!