“REPEAT” Special – Lesser Known Facts About BEG X KKG Members!


Two of the heavyweight Desi rap crews – BEG and KKG have entered the ring for a face-off! There’s no bloodshed involved, just few emcees murdering a sick beat is all. As a matter of fact, both the hip-hop crews are coming together for a track called “Repeat”. Accordingly, the track has Guru Lahori, Rush Toor, and Mohan Singh from Black Eye Galaxy and Sikander Kahlon, Sady Immortal, and Rob C from Kala Kurta Gang.

BEG X KKG Are Teaming Up For A Track That Will Blow Your Mind!

On this piece, we would like to share some lesser known facts about Black Eye Galaxy and Kala Kurta Gang members which you will love to know.

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Brief About Kala Kurta Gang

On various platforms, Sikander Kahlon mentioned that Kala Kurta Gang is a movement. First, it was Sikander Kahlon, HK, and Rob C who were making hip-hop music in their initial days.


Later, Veer Karan and Sady Immortal joined. At present, the Kala Kurta Gang has three active members that are Sikander Kahlon, Sady Immortal and Rob C.  Also, they are working on Kala Kurta Gang’s album currently. KKG is one of the finest and dopest hip-hop crews in the indie hip-hop scene.

Facts you don’t know about Kala Kurta Gang

Rob C – Many people don’t know that RoB C was the one who did the first commercial track for a label with Veer Karan when he used to be the member of Kala Kurta Gang. The track was entitled as  “Shehar Vall Nu” which was released on 10 August 2015 via Sony Music India.

Best Of Rob C Is Here And He Is All "Reloaded"!(Rob C From KKG)

 Sady Immortal – He is one of the finest rappers in the North side. As a matter of fact, he is known for his work in tracks like “Butter Flow”, “Game Over”,  “All The Way Up”, and “Mainstream Remix”.

Sady Immortal(Sady Immortal from KKG)

Sikander Kahlon – This man needs no introduction. He has achieved mad love and respect with his work. Before Kala Kurta Gang, Sikander Kahlon was associated with a hip-hop crew called M-Brigade which had Navi Virk and The HK. There is an another diss track he made which was entitled as “5 A.M In Mohali”, which was deleted later.

Sikander Kahlon gangsta rap(Sikander Kahlon from KKG)

Brief About Black Eye Galaxy

Talking about crews, Black Eye Galaxy is also doing great work as a team. The crew has Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh, Rush Toor, and Kallmeup. What made us a fan of the crew is that they were able to pull off sounding like a unit.

guru lahori rush toor

Many crews often sound like different individuals just collaborating on the track, recording their individual verses and putting a hook but not BEG. The group raps in English and Punjabi.

Facts you don’t know about Black Eye Galaxy

Guru Lahori – He is a fan of Bohemia but the thing is Bohemia loves his work as well. As a matter of fact, Bohemia gave a shout out to him in a video as well. After Pardhaan, he is the second most favourite Desi rapper of Bohemia.

Guru Lahori(Guru Lahori from BEG)

Rush Toor – I can bet that you don’t know this fact about Rush Toor. As a matter of fact, he was discovered by Harj Nagra who introduced him to a new singer/songwriter Dave Bawa. Rush was featured on his first international release titled “This Is Me” alongside the vocals of Dave Bawa and music by Harj Nagra.

Rush Toor(Rush Toor from BEG)

Mohan Singh – Mohan Singh also raps in Punjabi. Also, he has released his EP called “Valeti”  last year. As a matter of fact, he is not active on social media that’s why his fans don’t know much about him. Most of his tracks depict a story of an immigrant’s son navigating his way through life in the foreign land. Also, he made the rounds on BBC Radio Asia such as “Bura Khwab”, “I AM (Punjabi Remix)”, and “Muafinama.”

Mohan Singh(Mohan Singh from BEG)

On the other hand, the trailer of “Repeat” is releasing soon and trust us, this will change the whole hip-hop scene. DesiHipHop.com is exclusively distributing the track on major streaming platforms.

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