Real Sikh to battle on the big stage

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Real Sikh is the first Indian-origin battle rapper from Newark, New Jersey and has been thriving in the verbal spar arena, so much so that he is going to battling the South Carolina native S.P.A.D.E on Ultimate Rap League (URL). He  has clocked in 13 battles but this one is going to be his biggest yet. In case you were wondering what his stage moniker means, it highlights his ‘Sikh‘ heritage and is also a play on him being a ‘sick’ lyricist.

The battle rap scene on the east coast is ruthless, it is either ‘go big’ or ‘go home’ and Real Sikh is a long away from home.  This dude dominates his opponents with a ruthless yet polished approach and does his homework before the battle. He battled Awthentic and the first time they met was declared a draw but the second time they met on Udubb was a massacre. He rebuttaled Awthentic’s bar from the first battle, “I carry the grenade launcher over my shoulder like it’s a boombox” with, “where are you gonna get the grenade launcher from, MY PEOPLE IN THE BOONDOCKS“. That depicts how he cleverly uses his awareness to break stereotypes accompanied with sharp wit which is bound to get a reaction from the crowd. He cemented his victory in the last round by the scheme with which he equated Awthentic’s stage name to be derived from his name, Real Sikh

Real sikh is extremely agile and uses his background to his strength. It’s not new to him that a lot of his unaware opponents will draw comparisons between his ‘sikh‘ background and terrorists stereotypes. It seems he already has his punchline set up which he eloquently delivers when the time is right. You can best witness this in his battle against Stampede.

You said I am a terrorist,

You are damn right I am a terrorist,

I got gats and all, grenades strapped in arms,

detonate and blast if off,

have body parts falling from the sky for you pussies and bitches,

I guess it’s raining cats and dogs

Check it out right here:

Real Sikh posses a distinctive skill set and has an imposing stature, that alongside an aggressive delivery which comprises of witty jokes and razor sharp punches which make him a battle rap virtuoso. We hope that will be enough when he  faces S.P.A.D.E on 16th November on URL.

He is also ready to make his debut in United Kingdom against Maverick on Premier Battle, UK’s most elite battle rap league. The main event has Shotty Horroh VS John John Da Don, which will be nothing less than a spectacle.


Real Sikh does not limit his art form only to battle arenas and has also dropped music last year proving he has a diverse skill set. He dropped his seven track EP, ‘Rebel with a cause’ which documented the story of a sikh dude making his way around the gritty underground hip-hop scene in Newark.

Stream, ‘Rebel with a cause right here’ :