Real Sikh drops EP & Exclusive Extended Mixtape with 1 brushstroke

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Real Sikh just graced us with his official EP and extended mixtape today. The EP – “Rebel With a Cause” – was released along with an extended mixtape with 5 bonus tracks.

Real Sikh has blessed the mic for years now. He’s been layin’ down rhymes and killin’ off opponents in the Battle Circuit since he first showed up in the music scene. His battle raps are sprinkled all over the internet, and a simple search of his name will get you updated with his skills.

So when this battle rapper approached to release an album, no one could even think about being on his way. With his skills, he brought up real stories of his life in the EP “Rebel with a Cause”.

And, to take things even a step further, he dropped an extended mixtape along with the EP with 5 bonus singles that are not available in the EP.

Stream and download the mixtape and EP and let us know your thoughts!

Extended Mixape – with 5 bonus singles