3AM Sukhi, Raxstar, Haji ups the ‘Awaaz’ with massive Punjabi Banger!

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When Sony Music & Desi Hip Hop embarked on their journey together, they shut down the noise, and increased the ‘Awaaz‘! As the label’s name suggests, ‘Awaaz’ has been on a roll with their speakers set on the loudest setting. The team at Awaaz has been sending out sparks of creative music throughout the Desi Hip Hop industry all summer long, and it’s only just the beginning!

Last week saw the release of a Punjabi Hip Hop track titled ‘Kinna Chaida’ by 3AM Sukhi featuring two of the genre’s biggest names – Haji Springer & Raxstar.

Watch Kinna Chaida by 3AM Sukhi ft Haji Springer & Raxstar

3AM Sukhi is a Punjabi & English rapper hailing from San Fransisco and represents a unique crop of Desi Hip Hop artists in the Bay Area. With artists like Haji Springer pushing the scene in California, he has looped in and inspired numerous others to join the mission of producing music & art that represents Desis around the world.

Kinna Chaida was produced by Haji Springer, but also features Raxstar from the UK. Raxstar has been grinding hard all year, and not only did he impact his listeners with constant releases, but he’s also been on tour quite a bit lately. He’s released numerous hits and worked with a diverse crop of artists from around the world – like Humble the Poet, Manj Musik, Haji Springer, and Bohemia. He even dabbled in Bollywood and recently, his music was even used for Wrestlemania.

In an interview with TheTealMango, Raxstar expressed his love for his art by saying, “I’ve always loved being creative, music was just another way to express myself. I think there was a point in my life where I tried to quit music and I couldn’t do it. That was probably the point where I realized I had no choice I had to pursue this.”

Likewise, Haji Springer has been an artist in the game as a producer and rapper for over a decade. With Bollywood hits to singles with Bay Area legends like Baby Bash, Haji has carved his way around the world of Hip Hop.

The 3 artists linked up in 2016 when they joined together in a massive collaboration track with Bohemia’s team titled ‘Game Time’. 3AM Sukhi added, “Raxstar is a complete professional, a gentleman, and a true artist. He is always a pleasure to work with!”

“I came into the game working with Haji, he’s my brother from another mother. We’ve been working together since 2011!” added 3AM Sukhi about his time with Haji Springer. “Haji is one of the best producers in the game and Raxstar is one of the best rappers in the game; it was only right that we all got together to make this happen!”

In the span of one summer, Awaaz released 8 banging singles – which makes Awaaz a prolific label. Sony Music Entertainment’s head of international repertoire, Arjun Sankalia adds, “When listeners are on (any) streaming site, releasing a song also helps in the process of discovery. That’s the broad reason behind that.”

Hardik Dave, CEO of Desi Hip Hop, who has also been a part of the growth of his hometown artists in the Bay Area of San Fransisco, mentioned, “Give (artists in the Desi Hip Hop space) 10 years, it’s going to be very regional and local. South Asia being such a diverse land, the amount and variety of content is going to cast a shadow over North America!”

With that goal in mind, we’re excited to feel the growth & impact of the entire Desi Hip Hop industry as a whole.