Rapper-Lyricist SPITFIRE Releases “PARTEIN”, A 3-Song EP

IncInk’s first release of the year, “PARTEIN” is a 3 song EP by 21-year-old Artist-Poet-Rapper, Spitfire (aka Nitin Mishra). All the songs of the EP are composed & produced by Spitfire himself alongside Rākhis & Zanuski. The EP also arrives with a lyric video for the track “Zalzala”.

“Khada Akela Main Tu Jaake Apna Dal Bana, Jeeta Raha Main Aaj Mein Tabhi To Kal Bana,

Rok Sake To Rok Le Main Aaj Krodh Mein Hun, Uglu Main Aag Dekho Aata Kaise Zalzala.

Haan Zalzala, Aata Kaise Zalzala, Uglu Main Aag Dekho Aata Kaise Zalzala”, Spitfires raps in Zalzala.

Each song of Partein (which means layers) unravels a new layer into the mind and soul of Spitfire through his strong penmanship. He offers three unique, diverse and thought-provoking conversations and flavours to his growing audience through the songs: Sangeet, Afterparty & Zalzala. This EP marks the beginning of Spitfire’s journey as a music composer and one of the music producers alongside Rākhis and Zanuski. Partein offers a diverse sonic scape and mood, as each track peels one layer into the next through its words and soundscape.

Stream the “PARTEIN” EP by Spitfire below.

HEADER IMAGE is thumbnail for the music video of Zalzala on YouTube