Rapper Future Stars in New Samsung Galaxy Commercials


Future is one of the most popular rappers in the game today, and his brand expands far beyond music. On Oct. 26, Samsung unleashed two new commercials promoting their Galaxy Z Flip3 phone and Galaxy Buds2 wireless earphones with Future Hendrix as the guest star.

The first commercial has a woman and her father working on a beat-up motorcycle while taking in some tunes on the radio. The duo can’t decide on a mutual station when Future arrives with four dancing mechanics in tow. He hands the woman a pair of the new Galaxy Buds2 wireless headphones before diving into a short song about using the product. Future helps out a couple in the second commercial when the girl tells her man her outfit is missing something essential to complete the look. The boyfriend says he got her the best gift before Future busts through the door holding the Galaxy Z Flip3 phone. Just like the previous commercial, Future busts out a quick freestyle about the phone.

Fans can sign up for early access on the pricing of the products and holiday deals on Samsung’s website.

HEADER IMAGE is the thumbnail of the commercial