Rapper D’Evil From Gully Gang Drops Knowledge On The Fifth Element


Dee MC kicked off her weekly series ‘The Fifth Element’ coming to your quarantined screens every Tuesday at 9 pm IST. In her own words she aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. Shows and other major events can be anticipated to be on a lockdown for several months due to the corona outbreak. However, the action doesn’t stop!

Every single week Dee invites artists from all the elements of hip hop spread across India. The focus of the whole session is to shine light on all the elements equally. As well as a conscious effort to make Desi Hip Hop inclusive of all the parts of South Asia. Till now guests like beatboxers like Dcypher and Beatslayer, emcees like MC Altaf, Tony Psyko, Poetik Justis, AGSY and Yoku have joined Dee on the live sessions.

This week’s special guest was pioneer emcee D’Evil from Gully Gang. Those who have followed his journey already know the depths of his knowledge. His fifteen plus years of experience has seen the rise of hip hop in India from the scratch. Much like a lot of other veterans, Dhaval Parab’s journey began with introduction to artists like Eminem and 50 Cent. The influence of Eminem is quite evident in the type of music he makes.

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Moreover, The Fifth Element has seen its share of emcees from the Insignia era where emcees used to text battle each other on this online forum. D’Evil who happens to be one of them, formed a crew called Munky Rhymz with rapper Enkore from Bombay back in 2007. A decade later the emcee got signed to his close friend Divine’s label known as Gully Gang Entertainment.

2020 was all about collaborations for D’Evil who has made songs with artists like Loka, MC Altaf, Shah Rule, Divine, and Dee MC herself to name a few. His collaboration with 7 BantaiZ this year was a long time coming. ‘Brinks’ with US based emcee Elvis Brown, is another music video featuring D’Evil that dropped this year. His latest solo single was a song titled ‘Mumbai Darshan’.

D’Evil does his thing on the live show sharing knowledge and also spitting some fire bars for the audience. Check out the full episode and tune in on every Tuesdays at 9pm for a brand new episode of The Fifth Element hosted by Dee MC. On next week’s episode we have rapper Spitfire joining us!