Rap Engineers Share ‘Batain’

Rap Engineers have collaborated with Yaruq and Zee to create their song “Batain.” Bringing full justice to this to the musical team-up, Rap Engineers have released a music videos for their fans.

“Batain” is described by the artists as a “laid back, yet powerful track and takes you back in times of ‘Still Dre’ and old school Hip-Hop. The signature ‘Dulhan truck’ and rapping among the locals symbolizes the love for the roots.” The music video also plays a larger role as it’s part of Rap Engineers’ short film Goli. The film is currently being screened at a number of locations around the world.

The song and video have been orchestrated by quite a team. Webster is responsible for the beats while DJ Danny managed the audio production. The video and been directed by Xpolymer Dar. Watch closely and you’ll spot Ali Abbas Zaidi,  Adil Omar,  Sahreen Khan, and Talal Qureshi in this clip!