Rap Engineers Need ‘Conflict Management’

Rap Engineers have released the video for “Conflict Management” and this song has been hrough quite a journey. “Conflict Management” was recorded in August 2010, shot in December 2010 and release in May 2011. This is the first single off Rap Engineers’ debut album and we like what we hear.

“Conflict Management” is inspired by Bulle Shah’s “Kalaam” and enlightens us with the magnitude of minor entities around us. It relays that litte things do matter and under estimating the power and existence of minor creations is ignorance.

Hip-Hop is still a fresh and novel genre in Pakistan and it’s going through the same chapter sith which Rock music had to go through in 90’s.

Rap Engineers want to bring about mayhem in a quiet music industry and increase the acceptance of Hip-Hop and Rap in Pakistan.