When Ranveer Singh Met Underground Rappers For Gully Boy Workshop

Hip Hop is successfully becoming the popularly demanded genre in today’s date. Not just internationally, but within India itself the knowledge about the culture’s existence is spreading. Proof of which is the upcoming Bollywood flick “Gully Boy” directed by Zoya Akhtar. Actor Ranveer Singh is playing the lead role of the movie which is loosely based on the lives of Gully stars Naezy and Divine.

divine naezy mere gully mein zoya akhtarDivine and Naezy

On December 12, 2017 the makers of Gully Boy movie held a workshop wherein several rappers met to get a gist of the movie. Emcees from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore had made their way to the workshop headed by Zoya Akhtar. Ranveer took everyone by surprise by dropping to say hello to all the artists, trying to get to know them better. The workshop kicked off with Zoya explaining the gist of the movie and expressing that she wishes to cast actual rappers for the scenes in the movie that are fully hip hop centric.

Hip Hop Squad at Gully Boy Workshop

The synergy between all the Desi Hip Hop artists sky rocketed soon as cyphers kicked in. Rappers spit their verses in Hindi, English, Tamil as well as Gujarati among other languages. Ranveer Singh was clearly mesmerised by the whole experience.

7 Buntaiz with Ranveer Singh

As a matter of fact, the Gully Boy star did not shy away from dropping some bass along with the beatboxers for the cypher. Clearly Ranveer learnt a lot about the diversity of Hip Hop in India. Surely he must have taken back some pointers for his role as a rapper.

Dee MC with Ranveer Singh

Artists like Divine, Brodha V, Dee MC, Ace, KRSNA, Emiway, Shaikhspeare and Todfod were present at the workshop. Dharavi based crews 7 Buntaiz and 5 Dogs were also a part of the event among several other talented emcees. With so much diversity in just one workshop it is certainly going to be interesting to keep up with the movie’s progress.

Brodha V, Ace, Divine, KRSNA and Emiway

Watch Ranveer Singh Spit Bars And Cypher With Desi Emcees –

Gully Boy’s story revolves around the life of a boy who belongs to a low income family, finding his spirit in life through hip hop culture. Streets is where he comes from and that culture is the root of the whole film. Audiences can certainly expect many familiar faces on screen as Desi Hip Hop artists are closely involved in the film.

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