Raksha Bandhan Special – Crews That Are Brothers For Life!

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Now we all know that Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. We at DesiHipHop decided to give it our own twist. Now sadly there aren’t many sisters in our underground scene. So we thought of bringing you a list of crews, that are no lesser than brothers in real life.

South Asia boasts many hip hop crews. However, in this list we look at some of the oldest established rap crews that have sailed the tides together. If you mess with a single guy, the whole crew would get ready to jump you! Now that’s a Raksha-Bandhan too right?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at crews that run thicker than blood –

Kala Kurta Gang

One of Punjab’s oldest and most reputed crews is the Kala Kurta Gang aka KKG. Started in 2011-12, the crew consisted of Sikander Kahlon, Rob C, Sady Immortal and Veer Karan. Veer, however, left the crew, but the bond between the rest of the members remains stronger than ever. “Butter Flow” and “Her Song” are some of the best work done by them.

kala kurta gang

Mumbai’s Finest

One of the oldest crew’s in the Indian hip hop scene is undoubtedly Mumbai’s Finest. Current active members are Ace, Ninja, Dieferrent, I’n’Stine, D- Hood and Adro. Together they have dropped numerous music videos and albums. More than anything else their love for their city binds them together!

Mumbai's Finest

Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective

Delhi city has its own crew that runs thicker than blood. The Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective boasts 6 members viz. Sun J, Jinn, Crost, Sushanto, Tapas and Shan Krozy. Together they create havoc on stage, setting a wave of frenzy among the audience!

khatarnaak hip hop collective

Spit Dope Team

Spit Dope Inc team deserves a spot in this list for their sheer dedication. Together this team of young rappers are pulling off the only worth watching battle events in Delhi. They have ventured to Mumbai city with a battle event as well. MC Kode, Yungsta, Encore ABJ, Calm and Abxom are the founding members of Spit Dope Inc.

spit dope inc


Mumbai based crew Elsewhere boasts veterans who literally created the scene. Poetik Justis, Kav-E, EMF, Xcentrik, Infamous, Noxious-D, Dorian-X and Nikhil Vaiude form the crew. Elsewhere is the founder of India’s leading battle league B3 India aka Battle Bars Bombay.


Khasi Bloodz

Shillong based crew Khasi Bloodz have been making major moves in the hip hop scene. Donbok Kharkongor, Lamonte Pakyntein and Ritik Roy Malngiang form the crew. They gained nationwide importance after appearing on the web series Hip Hop Homeland. Recently they were a part of the tour ‘No Diggity’.

Uptown Lokolz

Bangladesh scene is crazier than ever. Founders of the hip hop scene in the country are veterans who are ruling the scene now. Uptown Lokolz are based in Dhaka city. Members Black Zang and Bigg Spade are active currently. While Safa and Mr. Flex are no longer with them. Undoubtedly, they are the face of Bangla Hip Hop today.

uptown lokolz

All OK & Team

While All OK is the name of one rapper, many Kannada rappers united have worked with the production banner of the same name. Their album KA01 was the first ever Kannada Hip Hop album. Alok Babu, MC Bijju, Dit-O and DJ Lethal A are some of the members that have dropped tracks together. Kannada rappers have an unbreakable bond that stems from the unity of sharing love for their mother tongue.

All OK MC bijju

Street Academics

Kerala based crew Street Academics are another example where brotherhood lays the strong foundation. RJV Ernesto, EarthGrime, MC Maapla, Azuran, Pranav CH and DJ V3K form the crew. Together they have released some of the best Malayalam rap music videos of all time.

street academics