Raja RMe Launches 2nd Single Off Album Titled “Dreams To Reality”!


After a gap of a few months, Raja RMe is back at it once again with a brand new single. This song titled “Dreams To Reality” is one to witness for the dreamers and achievers of the world. This one is off the upcoming album “Reboot” planned for later this year. “Dreams To Reality” is a statement that RMe abides by.

Watch The Music Video “Dreams To Reality” by RAJA RME

It is one of the ideals that he lives through. As it should be for all 0f us, this is an embodiment of our true selves. To turn our dreams into reality is something that almost every one aims to do, but only a few pursue it and really go after their goals.

Re-energized, Reincarnated

“Reboot” looks set to be a great album by Raja RMe, the gem of singles he is dropping here and there show great potential in how the album will turn out. We asked Raja about the upcoming single and this is what he had to say:

“DREAMS TO REALITY is an introduction to Reboot. This sets the tone. Reboot is an underdog story with different moods. The message is clear,Dreams to Reality is an underdog anthem, for anyone who is lost in their ways. For everyone has a passion but not everyone can afford to give it a 100%! The track is where i tell the world i will not take no for an answer and I am back where i belong and rightfully coming for whats mine, and I’m not just coming but im running to the top stop and I will not settle for anything less. 

Im here to leave a mark, a legacy and am gonna write it my way rather than riding the current set of trends. i am here to set the trend, the benchmark.
Building it on what I believe and I know its very much possible. Dreams to reality is about declaring war on nonbelievers and the naysayers because no one can understand your dreams better than YOU. 

Never take no for an answer and do it your way. stay you stay focused and get whats rightfully yours. And most importantly believe in your Dreams and yourself. The song starts with: “They say everything is created twice, 1st in the mind, then in reality.” This is the essence of the whole song!”