Raja RME drop his track, “Down it” after 4 years and 9 months

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You know that if you are going to make a comeback after 4 years and 9 months you, better make it count. Raja RME did exactly that. He dropped a bar-fest, “Down it” which was accompanied by a solid video.

As the title might suggest, the track is based around taking a few shots to the head and then speaking your mind naked. He addresses a plethora of topics which include back stabbing homies, his grind and showers appreciation for those who have been with him since day one. The video has a whole bunch of cameos by Mumbai emcees and gets the whole ‘SQUAD VIBE’ to it. Shah Rule has done an exceptional job with the mix and Crazy Vibe never disappoints with the production.

“Tell me where my friends go,
snakes in defense mode!”

It is good to see rappers of Indian origin still rapping in English in the prevalent growing wave of vernacular rap. I caught up with the Mumbai OG and spoke about this track, his upcoming album and abundant other topics. Have a look :

SLYCK : What has Raja been up to ? We are listening to you after quite some time, what have you been up to ?

Raja RME : Oh man ! its been 4 years and 9 months since my last track that came out and hip-hop scene has evolved so much, as you know i set up an artist management company called TEAM INC, was hosting shows across the world but never did I ever leave my connect with hip hop.. i mean, you can try and leave hip hop but hip hop will never leave you and its a culture that has shaped me.

SLYCK : Tell us a little about, “Down it”, what’s the story behind it?

Raja RME : Erm, people would think Down it, is about downing a few drinks yes it is. but what happens post downing a few drinks? you either pass out or you speak your mind, and what I’m doing here is speaking my mind. this track is pretty close to me and I wanted to put this out 1st because I wanted people to know where I’m coming from, this is my version of Mama said knock you out 2018 haha

SLYCK : The track sounds hard and the video is dope too. Were you creatively involved in the visuals as well?

Raja RME : Absolutely, I was involved in everything from the clothes to the set.
I had an amazing cinematographer and a director duo who had the vision and I trusted them with it.
Post that the edit was done by Movementals its a crazy editing studio run by b-boy sonic.

SLYCK : I see a whole bunch of cameos in the video, coordinating that must have been a task in it’s self. How does one pull that off ?

Raja RME : I mean, you know man it was a monsoon day in Mumbai and the next day post the shoot wrapped it poured and how. I was extremely blessed to have a great team in Elektrick box. we had VDJ CAS, Bombay lokal, Shah rule, EMF, Instine, G-Glock, Somshekhar, TEAM Ultimate in the LED Suits and the OG Twisted Bass many more who showed up for the video and they all rocked it out. the video was a party. It was a mix of young stars and OGs in the place and I was so humbled they all showed up in time looking all swagged out.
that was only 70% of the people that were invited imagine if we had all of the others in the house. RUCKUS !

SLYCK : I have also heard that you have an entire album ready to do. What is it called and when can we get our hands on it ?

Raja RME : Its called the Reboot, because that’s exactly what I have done mentally and its all English.
With the wave of Hindi rap, I believe that English rap if put out with quality and well made has the right opportunity to reach a respectable audience. depending the route you wanna take and market you wanna cater to.
Currently the music industry has changed since I last put out a track and the market doesn’t consume music like before and i don’t look forward in putting the entire album together, Reboot will unfold in a period of 6-8 months, each track will be supported with a video but my live shows will have all of that and more. putting out tracks with no visuals just dont make sense in this day and age.
and quality work is what i chase. Reboot is a project that’s done in the booth.

SLYCK – Can you tell us about the features and production in Reboot.

Raja RME – Reboot has 2 features. the 1st is with Bobkat the OG and the frontman of Bombay bassment
and 2nd is this amazing singer who goes by the name Astrid, I got some joints for ya’ll that you guys gonna love for sure.
I’ve worked with 3 producers – 50% of my album is produced by Crazy Vibe, 35% Instine and 15% by Diefferent. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys in the future and thanks for always holding it down.
this project is mixed and mastered by Shah Rule.

SLYCK – Do you have a message for your fans or followers?

Raja RME – I don’t have fans nor do i have followers, all I got is amazing friends and family who connect with me as a person and my music. nowadays with social media so big, i feel everyone knows everyone personally. and i definitely got the best squad with me, I expected nothing out of DOWN IT but i put in all the work i could. The love they have showered me with is insane to the next level and that’s got more hungry for more. I’m so damn READY.

Check out the video right here :