Raja Kumari Treats her fans with Fire Bars in SHOOK

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The Queen is back! Raja Kumari never left, but she’s back with a brand new banger titled “SHOOK” – & fans all over the world are lovin’ it!

Earlier in the week, Raja Kumari released the official audio version of the single, Shook, on YouTube. But, in the late hours on Friday, she sneakily dropped the official music video. And, within a matter of hours, the video started to blow up on YouTube with thousands of comments, views, shares.

Time magazine’s Raisa Bruner said that “Shook” overflows with the effects of Raja Kumari’s experiences in India & the US, “weaving in Indian musical tropes and cultural references to a song that drips with blustering self-assuredness over an echoing beat.”

Watch Raja Kumari’s Shook Music Video

In this song, Raja Kumari, took on the industry and dropped braggadocios bars with Desi & global Hip Hop influences sprinkled all over it. With a dope instrumental, “SHOOK” stands out as one of the leading Hip Hop singles by a Desi artist this summer.

As a female artist, some listeners jump the gun and compare Raja Kumari to other female artists in today’s Hip Hop movement. But, we truly believe that she is a unique artist with a unique voice & a unique brand. She doesn’t warrant a comparison to Nicki Minaj or Cardi B or the likes because she is an original artist, & each of her art pieces is sui generis.  And, by being who she truly is, she is carving out her own path into the mainstream.



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SHOOK VISUAL OUT NOW! Directed by @gilgreen Link in Bio ⚡

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Positive comments started pouring in as the song & music video made it’s rounds on the internet, here are some of the top comments that found spoke to the essence of the single:



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@therajakumari #SHOOK OUT NOW – 🔥💥🔥💥🔥

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