Raja Kumari Links with SIRI, Meba Ofilia & Dee MC for “Rani Cypher”


Indian-American rapper-singer-songwriter-dancer Raja Kumari has released her latest collaboration track “The Rani Cypher”, with SIRI, Meba Ofilia & Dee MC. The music video came out on June 21 to mark World Music Day.

Raja Kumari wrote on Instagram, “From concept to studio to set, #RaniCypher was a dream of mine since I stepped foot in India. There’s always been a lack of female artists in the scene but I’ve always been a fan of and believed in these three female emcees. I am so excited for the world to see and hear what SIRI, Meba Ofilia, Dee MC and I made for all the Rani’s in India and around the world.”


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The track fortifies its woman-power credentials with appearances by breakthrough female MCs, Dee MC, SIRI and Meba Ofilia. Trailblazing and unapologetic, they weave a progressive narrative around breaking free from shackles and running the world. With lyrics that provoke a dialogue on equality, the music video visually juxtaposes the four rappers as queens in this contemporary world.

Regarded as one of the pioneering tastemakers of the hip-hop community, Raja Kumari shines a big light on the spirit of a crown in this new-gen feminist rap classic. Check out the music video below.

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