Raga Drop’s A Surprise Track “KILL”


Underground rap scene is on the rise now and it is all possible because of the joint efforts of each underground rapper out there. Everyone has contributed in the scene in their own unique way and talking about uniqueness, Raga is one such name.Raga

Raga is an underground Delhi based rapper who has attracted lots of listeners because of his unique style of rapping. With hard and tricky punchline in his lyrics, at present he is one of the best and one of a kind in the underground scene. Furthermore, he recently released a track named “Kill” without making any prior announcement of the release. Without a doubt, it’s a treat from him to his fans and listeners.

The track named “Kill” was released on 29th July on Raga’s official YouTube channel which has around seven thousand subscribers. Additionally, the track talks about how he has come above all others and why him and his flow are unique. There’s also a hint given by him in the track for his album, which hopefully will drop soon. All his listeners are eagerly waiting for him to drop the album soon and we hope he will not keep them waiting much longer.

Few lines from the track :

“Ek akela Raga sekado
rappro ko pel de
Or khel de aise khel
Jinko khel k huay kitnay fail”

Till then listen to his recent release “Kill” for yourself –