Raftaar And Muhfaad Show Up At “Muthbhed – Desi Rap Battle”

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“Flow Academy of Arts & Dance – F.A.A.D” is a drop-in art and a dance studio where you can choose anytime from their daily schedule to take classes and learn. Recently they organised a beautiful event “Muthbhed” for the hip-hop community. As a matter of fact, almost every hip-hop artist from the capital city and its surrounding regions came and witnessed the crazy evening at “Muthbhed”.

Muthbed-Desi Rap Battle Image

The whole event was full of enthusiasm and big names like Raftaar and Muhfaad came there to show their support to the underground hip-hop community. On the other hand, Muhfaad was the judge for the event. Both Raftaar and Muhfaad shared their story about their struggle and tried to motivate the upcoming artists.

Raftaar was very excited to see the raw talent and he posted various stories from the event on his Instagram handle. On the other hand, Muhfaad was giving tips about how to rap in Hindi, about flow and delivery.

I tried to reach out to few artists this is what they said about the event –

Jeff Sahil- “Muthbed was an event which was the need of the hour in underground scene and for the hip-hop culture as well. Many people came and some people manage to spit the fire on those battles. Everyone assumed it to be just another event but then Raftaar came there out of the blue and it was that moment when all the people who were present there were thinking IS IT REALLY TRUE?”

Jeff Sahil

(Jeff Sahil)

“He was very genuine to all his fans and his listeners, I got a good boost of confidence for my future work. A lot of things were not clear inside my mind but I asked him whether it is right or wrong, and I got the answers I wanted to always hear. On the other hand, I learned many things from him. Raftaar is the real supporter of Indian underground hip hop culture and he is very down to earth as well.”

Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective – “On 10th September 2017, Flow Academy in Rajouri Garden hosted Muthbed-a rap battle event where many freestylers from the city had participated. As a matter of fact, Khatarnaak Hip-Hop collective had a showcase too.

khatarnaak hip hop collective

(Khatarnak Hip-Hop Collective)

Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective stated, “The battles were epic. The rhymes dropped were raw and sick. The place burst out wild as soon as Raftaar entered the premises. In fact, he attended the complete event and also performed with Mufaad who was the Judge. The collective performed Acapella. We performed “Still Here” and “Stand Up” and made sure to take uplift the vibe. It was an amazing day dedicated to hip hop.”

Few Artist Also Posted About The Same Event Including Raftaar Who Went Live On His Facebook Page –

Also, Muhfaad And Raftaar did a free verse for their fans and the fellow underground hip-hop artists. Also, both performed the verse of their upcoming track “Dab”. See the video below –

On the whole, events like these will help the desi hip-hop scene to nourish its roots. In fact, it will spread more knowledge about the hip-hop culture to those who think that hip-hop is all about party, drugs etc. Mainstream artists like Rafttar are trying their best to minimise the gap between the underground and the mainstream.

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