Raftaar Makes Surprise Visit At Sun J’s Music Video Shoot!


Rapper Raftaar is a force to be reckoned with. At the day and age where no one in the industry has time to slow down and extend their support, Raftaar has always gone out of his way to give props to the flourishing underground scene. Such an instance occurred again, when Raa decided to pay a surprise visit to Sun J’s music video shoot.

Recently, Sun J was shooting the music video of his forthcoming track – “Be Aware”. The shoot was going on in Delhi and all of a sudden, Raftaar arrived on the set with iQ aka Guju Bhai. Raftaar’s visit came in as a surprise to the collective and the level of energy skyrocketed. After a little bit of introduction, the hip-hop vibe kicked in. Freestyles, pre-written verses and beat-box began and Khatarnaak crew started amazing Raftaar. It was visible that Raftaar started getting hyped up for a freestyle and spat a few lines. At the end of the day, streets is where it all begins!

Sun J Raftaar

Almost everyone from the DesiHipHop.com team was there to support the project. Zummer Photography has been majorly associated with hip-hop music videos before. In fact, Zummer has shot the music video of “Kaun Hoon Main” for Slyck from 2ShadeZ. As a result, Zummer was perfect for the music video of “Be Aware”.

Sun J’s “Reloaded” is coming out sooner than you think, distributed exclusively by DesiHipHop.com. In addition, Sun J is one of the most renowned members of Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective. In fact, tracks like “Bhaad Mei Jao”, “Kameena Mode On” are fine examples of Sun J’s skills. Furthermore, Sun J is a music producer as well – the instrumentals of “Bhaad Mei Jao”, “Kameena Mode On” are simply amazing.

Sun J’s “Reloaded” is droppin’ on August 30th, 2017. The project is distributed by DesiHipHop.com on every digital music distribution platform. Pre-order now!


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See the video of Raftaar listening to Shan from the Khatarnaak crew. Fun Fact: The vocal scratches towards the end were done by Raftaar.

As a result of pure hip-hop vibes, Raftaar was kind enough to offer his newly bought Mercedes for Sun J’s shoot. You’re gonna see how did KHHC used it when the video comes out. Raftaar further talked about his keys to success and wished everyone a great and prosperous future before leaving the location. That’s what matters. As we have said earlier, we need more rappers like Raftaar to bridge the gap between mainstream and underground.

Reloaded_promo(Here is Sun J rocking DesiHipHop’s exclusive hoodie with Raftaar)

“Reloaded” is coming out in August 30th, 2017. The project is distributed by DesiHipHop.com on every digital music distribution platform.