Raftaar Drops New Album “Zero To Infinity”

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Raftaar has dropped a chain of hits this year and has played his role in supporting the Hip-Hop scene in India in the way that only he can. The emcee announced his album “Zero To Infinity” earlier in May. And it is one of the most anticipated albums, by extension Hip-Hop albums, by a commercial artist in the limelight. Raftaar is known to be the humble superstar, but make no mistake that he can rap line for line with some top underground rap artists.

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Raftaar’s work ethic is a trait which sets him aside from a lot of other rap superstars we have in this country. He lives and breathes around this certain grey area between the commercial and underground hip-hop trends that pass from time to time. He knows how to make the music do business for him too. These are the certain specific combinations which go into making the Raftaar brand shine out.

Infinity And Beyond

Raftaar is aiming to bridge the gap of the Indian Hip-Hop listeners. He also keeps pushing onward to gain a new audience to tune into the sounds of Hip-Hop music and culture. He shines most glaringly as a voice of the culture when he talks about the issues that really matter in society and when he himself steps in to rap fire in the booth.

The new album can be considered more to the taste of the commercial Hip-Hop listeners than the underground purists. The album compiles a list of hits of Raftaar in the previous months and puts it all together. The tracklist, though some old, some new is top notch in terms of sheer quality, production value and in most cases – replay value. This is a peoples album for Raftaar fans in and around the world.

Watch the latest single “Saare Karo Dab” off of Raftaars album “Zero To Infinity” down below. This song also features Muhfaad alongside the rap giant and Sonu Kakkar also gets a spot. A promising combination to a great track! Also check out some other singles of his from the album down below!