Rafsan Ahmed Cover’s The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games”

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The song “wicked games” is from “House of Balloons”  which is the debut mixtape by The Weeknd. It was released as on March 21, 2011, by XO. The song got cover treatment by Bangladeshi Artist Rafsan Ahmed previously known as MC Prince. After teasing the song on social medias for a week or so Rafsan finally dropped The cover of the song last tuesday.

Rafsan Ahmed is basically known as a music producer, audio engineer & r&b singer in the industry. The journey started back in 2005 when Bangladesh Hip Hop industry was just building up. Started as an emcee and generally gave all his effort to create a crazy sound for the industry.


“The one thing you can control is your effort.”– Rafsan Ahmed


Rafsan Ahmed belongs to a duo called “Unvoid” and in 2015 “MAYA” was their first official music video which won a lot of hearts. They kept on making music and people kept on appreciating their works. It takes years after years to earn respect from people. Respect and appreciation are the things which did matter for Rafsan.

rafsan unavoid

Making good music was the only intention for him. He went for lot of collaborations with different mainstream commercial artists which includes – Zooel Morshed, Tanjib Sarowar, DJ Rahat, Porshi, Kona, Puja, Bibek and more. He didn’t stop it here, he collaborated with SkibKhan, CDL and more from Bangladesh Hiphop industry. He released singles after singles from Eagle Music (Bangladeshi Record Label) and kept on winning peoples heart. He’s working on his solo debut album and a solo official music video called “She Janey” which is going to release from Qinetic Music Ent. By this time he released a new track covering The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games”.