Radio City India Announces “The Best Indie Compilations of 2020”


Team Radio City Freedom and Vijayalakshmi Narayanan have announced the Best Indie Compilations of 2020. Many established and emerging names have utilized the year 2020 in the best way possible and optimized the lockdown to release their most ambitious projects. According to Radio City’s team, the list features music that not only calmed our anxious souls throughout a period of uncertainty but also emboldened our beliefs in the originality and merit of homegrown music.

Check out the whole list here (in no particular order) :

  • “Aamad” by Sameer Rahat

  • “Punya Paap” by DIVINE

  • “Waqt” by Nikhil D’Souza

  • “4 AM” by Kiara Chettri

  • “Flish” by Banat

  • “Splitfire” by Diarchy

  • “A World Gone Mad” by Thermal and a Quarter

  • “C.E.A.S.E” by Anoushka Maskey

  • “head+heart” by PB

  • “The Shape of Things to Come” by Tarun Balani

HEADER IMAGE by Radio City India