A.R. Rehman Raps To The Words Of MC Heam!

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A.R. Rehman & MC Heam have collaborated many a times in the past. Heam has become a favorite of A.R. Rehman across collaborations that have taken place on multiple occasions. Be it on background scores of short films or the anthem for the Hockey World Cup supporting India. There is a certain connection between the two artists – the master and the pupil across cultures and timelines.

MC Heam brings a certain level of skill and polish when it comes to the way he raps. He is one of India’s first ever Hindi  emcees. And with more than a decade of experience, it is not a reach to say he is still one of the finest emcees India has ever produced.


On 26th April, Marvel launches the final part of its world renowned “Avengers” series – Endgame. The Indian audience especially the youth have invested in this movie emotionally. A.R. Rehman and MC Heam  have teamed up once more to do a tribute to the upcoming film. The “Marvel Anthem”, created by A.R. Rehman sees him in multiple roles, and this time as a rapper too!

MC Heam provides the lyrics for Rehman’s part that he raps with ease. The song is quickly gaining momentum amassing over 8 million views within 4 days of release. Check out the “Marvel Anthem” by A.R. Rehman & MC Heam down below and let us know your thoughts!