Push – Center Stage


Bay area native Push (@shawncayce), a veteran of the rap game and cofounder of HEMi NATiON Records, has teamed up with Haris Qureshi (@youngallah), a producer born and raised in Texas. Haris came to local prominence in Austin, Texas, known as the “live music capital of the world.” There, he established a reputation as “Harris The Terrist” for defying the common trend in Southern hip-hop at the time – going with the older, more sample-based production style commonly associated with older New York rap. Now performing under the name “H+” with a Maschine and MPK Mini for his live sets, he has allied himself with Kydd and Cory Kendrix of the LNS Crew, poised for a breakthrough in the year of 2012. Haris’s new EP, powered by Desihiphop.com, LNS Crew, Thirty Three 1/3 Co, and The Studio, is a new project in which he works with Desi rappers from around America, while also sampling classic Indian/Pakistani records for remixes featuring his fellow LNS Crew members. “Third World Problems” will be coming soon, with art done by the world-famous Sanki and DJing by Chicago native Zain “Zainghis” Khan!

[wp_media media=”audio” title=”Center Stage” artist=”Push aka Shawn Cayce” volume=0.8 start=”on” preload=”on” urls=”http://desihiphop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Center-Stage.mp3″]