Push aka Shawn Cayce

Push(short for Pushpinder) aka Shawn Cayce is a 22 year old Punjabi rapper artist from the Bay Area. Push picked up the craft of rhyming at the young age of 9. After high school, Push enrolled into medical school, after much enumeration to his parents that he did not see a thriving path for himself in such a field. Apprehensively, the stint in medical school only lasted 6 months, due to the abrupt decision to drop out and pursue a willful career in music, which lead to being kicked out and renounced from his household, due to the lack of understand and envelopment of ignorance in the presumably dead idealogy of the Indian class system. In short, it is his parents belief someone from their household (class) isn’t living up to his or her potential if he or she is going to become a “singer”. However, Push was acceptive, and immediately began working on releasing music.
In 2008, Push released his first mixtape called Genesis, which was the first in a 4 part mixtape series called the Daily Prophet, which included Xodus, New Testament, and Revelation. The names were simple to stay away from the cliche of Mixtape Vol. 1, 2, 3, etc. In the fall of 2009, Push submitted his music to Def Jam records, who felt the music displayed too wide of a range to be marketed to a particular audience. A couple months later Push released his fifth mixtape called Faith or Failure, which was a 10 day recording and writing period echoing a change in direction, and introducing the philosophy and mentality needed to succeed in a somewhat insincere industry. June of 2010 marked the release of The Essentials:A Perfect Mixtape. 3 singles from The Essentials were sent to Shady Records and Atlantic Records. Both labels told Push to keep sending music, and when they felt he had created a “hit” they would consider signing him, which seemed counterproductive, an opinion which he vocalized to both labels. If a label wanted the artist to provide a hit without the labels help, Push figured labels are trying to simply make the artist do 100% of the work to conclude with less than 10% of the profits. In the summer of 2010 Push launched HEMi NATiON Records with the help of his friend Tha Suspekt, a Punjabi rap artist from Houston.