Priyanka Chopra and’s Official Video For “In My City” Is An Epic FAIL!

Priyanka Chopra,, Interscope, DesiHits! and teams of people all got together, came up with a so-called brilliant concept, marketing plan, spent millions of dollars and this is what they came up with?!


Priyanka Chopra is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood and a very talented artist – but in our humble opinion – this Official video of “In My City” is an epic FAIL. As if the fame of being crowned Miss World in 2000 and the fortunes of Bollywood wasn’t enough, she went full steam ahead into the mainstream music industry with some heavy hitters. Back in 2012 when she was performing at NFL games and released the behind the scenes video, we were somewhat curious. Good production, descent theme, not so good auto-tune, Priyanka looking hot in those sports jersey’s just being herself, check it out:

But after watching the Official video of “In My City”, this was a clear waste of time and resources for both Priyanka and, shame on Interscope and DesiHits. In an effort to fuse eastern and western influences and engage the audience – they ended up throwing all the shit in the world at a very large fan that was spinning really fast. By the end of the video, I didn’t know what to think: Nokia Rihanna Shakira Limo Rikshaw HipHop Bollywood Fire Water Wind – it just didn’t come together correctly. Especially the part where she joins her hands for a Namaste while singing “…we do this all night long…la la la”!

Priyanka is obviously really talented and beautiful, she has a good voice, is dope, they have a lot of money to spend – but what the hell is up with this video?! Let us know what you think below!

We think she looks a LOT better in traditional clothing, what do you think?