Prab Aoulakh Shows The Positive Side Of Delhi In ‘Dilli Mera Shehar”

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Finally, the Delhi-rapper Prab Aoulakh released his track “Dilli Mera Shehar”. This is a joint effort by him and D18 Studios. He has been working on this project for 4 months and trust me, you guys won’t regret after watching this track with great visuals.


Brief about the artist

Prab Aoulakh started his journey way back in 2010. As a matter of fact, he got his inspiration from artists like Eminem and Bohemia. He was also associated with a hip-hop crew called ‘Batala Rappers’. Like lots of other crews in the hip-hop scene, this crew also got split due to creative differences among the members.

More info about the track

The music for “Dilli Mera Shehar” has been produced by Raga and Prashant Sharma from D18 Studios. Luck-E shot the video and did the editing for the same. Basically, from this track, Prab Aoulakh wants to show the positive side of Delhi. Compared to other places, Delhi stays in the news for being the crime capital every now and then. Hence Prab decided to make a track to show that the city is not just about hate and crimes but also holds positive things.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Waqt me na thaer hai,

Na mujhay koi khaer hai,

Lafzon me jo zehar hai,

Yeh toh tera veham hai.”


Watch “Dilli Mera Shehar” By Prab Aoulakh Here: