Pollob Vai turns up BDHIPHOP with first 2018 drop “Sylheti Explosion”


Pollob Vai is one of the most doppest Bangladeshi rappers from the tea-garden state of Sylhet. From day one he’s been representing his hometown Sylhet and Sylhet never forgot to hold his back too. Pollob vai is one of the few rappers that have literally no haters what so ever. Even in his hometown, Pollob vai is the most well-respected guy over there.

He’s been making music for quite some time now. Collaborating with lots of mainstream artists much as MC Shaq, Jalali Set (Shafayat, Mugz, Double S and Sadhu), Nizam Rabby and more. Pollob Vai always got them underrated rappers back also mentoring and supporting the underground’s most slept on artists a lotta talents got their deserving spotlight after collaborating with pollob vai.

Music Produced by – Kayo BT
The video is directed by Kayo BT and Rapsta cfd from run bhg.
Edited by Rapsta CFD

Pollob Vai dropped his debut album back in 07 titled “The Rap Begins” and the song ‘Kazir bazar’. The song went super viral.
Right after Pollob Vai’s album dropped, Bad Boys Crew came up with their debut album.

Pollob vai also got himself involved with a group of hip hop collectives called Run BHG. The group involves the artistic minds like Beatboxers, BBoys, Rappers, graffiti artists and more
The crew is filled with pure hip hop headed talent gauntlets. Pollob Vai dropped the biggest hit of his career “Speedster” back in 2015 with the help from Run BHG.