Poetik Justis Sends A Message Of Unity To Every Desi Artist In “Movements”

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Poetik Justis sends a message for the scene through ‘Movements’. The second instalment of B3 Chapters by B3 India is out. As you may know B3 Chapters is a Acapella rap series which features Desi artists rapping about different topics. Last week, we saw the first of the four B3 Chapters that Poetik Justis has to offer.


This week, he sent out a strong, angry and loud message with “Movements”. Movements is a rap piece telling artists of all kinds, especially under the Hip-Hop banner to move in unity. He starts out by describing the literal definition of the word “Movements”. He then moves on to skilfully extract that meaning into the lives of artists in India.

Revolt Art Technology did an impeccable job yet again while presenting the video. They took the subtitles and made them move! They move in pace with the vocals, matching the intensity in each step.

Poetik Justis-Movements Image

Real Talk

We reached out to the Bombay based emcee and he had this to say, “The purpose of Movements is to make artists in India realise that without pulling each other up, they may reach where they want to go, but soon there will be no culture left for the same people to promote. They will have created a version of Hip-Hop that will stand far from it’s essence, and that’s when the art form will die out. And without an art form, there cannot be much progress. This has happened with many genres in our country, but if we can change things, then it needs to happen now. Artists need to work together more and uplift each other.”

This stands very true, DHH has also published an article on how Raftaar is the only artist tapping into the underground and inspiring others to up the quality of their songs. You can read the article here – Why We Need More Artists Like Raftaar To Bridge The Gap Between Mainstream And Underground

Poetik Justis thinks the lyrics that best describe this scenario are these –

“It’s either hand-in-hand or we won’t stand on some sh**/ Nothing’s ever hand-to-mouth or hand-over-fist// Most of y’all stuck in the same buzz, I pray you get through that hangover quick/ we can either make loyal fans or make fans just to quit//”

Poetik Jusis-B3 Chapters Image

What do you feel about the same? Watch the “Movements” video below and tell us!