Poetik Justis And MC Heam Present S.O.S. Anthem 

Mumbai-based production house Revolt Art Technology is coming out with Sound of the Streets (S.O.S.) hosted by MC Heam and Poetik Justis. The music podcast will explore different genres with hip-hop being the main focus. Currently, they have dropped their S.O.S. anthem featuring the hosts of the show.

sound of the streets anthem

S.O.S. anthem has an inspiring beat produced by Metanoia. The vibe of the video paints a clear picture of the spirit behind this project. Entire R.A.T. team is putting up an engaging audio podcast for all music enthusiasts in the country. Hosts Poetik and Heam have laid beautiful verses on this anthem track.

The video sees SlumGods school kids distributing the flyers of S.O.S. podcast across different places. Sticking bills across the city, the kids can be seen enthusiastically running around with a big smile on their face. Visually it’s a very appealing video put well musically.

mc heam poetik justis sound of the streets

Revolt Art Technology lays down the foundation for S.O.S. saying, “Sound Of The Streets (S.O.S) is a platform which bridges the gap between the artist and the listener. This song embodies this idea in the way that it speaks both to the ideals of a music maker and a music listener by putting both of them in the same mind-state which is that they are a part of a revolution, a part of something bigger than themselves. The song thrives on motivation and pushing oneself to new limits. The unheard voices of India now grow like a rose from the concrete, S.O.S is just the medium, the music is the movement. These voices will be noticed, these sounds will be heard, the revolution will evolve the movement.”

Certainly, one of the most spirited music videos to come out this year. S.O.S. will be played on the radio channel Bolly 102.9 FM in Washington DC. For all updates about S.O.S. stay with us, Desi Hip Hop will keep you updated.

Till then watch the S.O.S. anthem here –