10 Commandments for Battle Rap


Poetik Justis has been a name you cannot ignore in the underground scene. The 10-year Indian Hip-Hop veteran has co-founded of one of India’s best rap battle leagues – Battle Bars Bombay (B3 India). He recently completed a successful campaign for his video “Bhaari Scene”. It united the entire Hip-Hop scene in India to send in donations to provide bboy/bgirl kids at the Dharavi Hip-Hop School with brand new shoes. And now he has blessed us with the first video of his four part series for B3 Chapters.



For those not familiar with the format of Chapters, it’s basically an acapella rap series by B3 India. B3 Chapters fuses ambient sounds with the theme of the verse playing with it. With “10 Battle Rap Commandments”, Poetik pays homage to the late great Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls. He looped the classic “Ten Crack Commandments” sample originally used by DJ Premier, to send a call out to all battle rap entrepreneurs in India. Laying the foundations for anyone looking to stay in the battle rap business; owner and emcee alike!

The video for all B3 Chapters have been shot and edited by Revolt Art Technology. They did a perfect job of capturing the exact mood and theme of this piece. It sees Poetik Justis in 3 different avatars. One as a calm owner suited up, one as an energetic battle emcee. Lastly, we see him representing his own merchandise for B3 as a sign of pride within his battle rap endeavours.

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Laying down battle verses isn’t new to Poetik at all, since he (like most of the prominent lyricists in Indian hip-hop) started out as a battle rapper in Insignia. Just like his idol Biggie, who laid the foundation of “expanding the business”, the 24 year old emcee from Bombay sends insights of what a battle rapper in India has to overcome to get to the top and lays ten very important rules for battle rappers to follow.

Watch the full video below and get ready for some fiery lyrics! This is #MoreThanBattleRap. This is #B3Chapters

You can also watch the first edition of Chapters by E.M.F. HERE!