Parry G Made Raftaar’s Birthday Special By Dedicating A Track To Him!

Parry G dropped “Sab Sahi Hai” on November 16, 2017 as a tribute to Raftaar on his birthday. However, Parry told us that Raftaar gifted him a Macbook last month and the gift was very important for Parry. As a matter of fact, Raftaar had used the same Mac for composing “Swag Mera Desi”, “All Black” and several others.

Parry states that he first met Raftaar in 2015. The brotherly bond that they’ve developed after that is history in itself. Social media has seen them together several times and Raftaar appreciates him whenever he can. Likewise, Raftaar’s gift to Parry was a simple yet very big gesture of love and respect. Just for a record, Parry has worked in Kangana Ranaut-starrer, “Simran” as well.


It was Parry’s time for the payback and that’s how “Sab Sahi Hai” came to life. “Sab Sahi Hai” is not an originally produced single but is a free-verse dedicated to Raftaar instead. Parry decided to hop on a Danny E.B. instrumental and delivered this verse in his popular style. “Gaane aaye Bollywood mein sab hairaan, ab mere paas hai woh khazaana/ Banaa ‘All black’, ‘Swag Mera Desi’ jisme, iss barhaa kya milegaa inaam?” clears the clouds of confusion.

Parry wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered “Sab Sahi Hai” himself. This makes the track even more special for Raftaar as a listener. “He is like a kid to me. Parry is innocent and hardworking. He wont be able to handle the brutal nature of the industry. He works very hard and in middle of all the struggle his machine gave up. I had a backup. So, I wanted “, Raftaar said. “Its destiny man. We were bound to meet. I have never had a real sibling and these people have never left me with a desire to have one.”, he further added.

The track came out as a pleasant surprise to him. Raftaar’s guiding hand on Parry’s head will help him out a lot. We wish best for their future and well-being.

Stream “Sab Sahi Hai” by Parry G here: