Pak-Man x Guru Lahori Blend Their Styles In Proper Credit Remix | OUT NOW!


Pak-Man and Guru Lahori have teamed up to receive “Proper Credit” that is due to them. Needless to say both the artists are highly skilled and when put together on a track the outcome is sure to cause mayhem. The original version of the track was released exclusively via only some time ago. Post which we had dropped hints about Pak-Man roping in Guru Lahori for the track. And now the official remix video is finally out!

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The original version of “Proper Credit” had our head bobbin like never before. But the remix took things up a notch! It is definitely the new and improved Pak-Man 2.0 we’re seeing. His ability to tell stories has also jumped to a new level. Guru Lahori also has brought in his unique Punjabi flavour to the remix. Their vocals work like a charm on the beat produced by Dystinkt Beats. Music video for the remix has been directed by GTF Films and Hook K-Major.

Talking about the message behind the track Pak-Man stated –

From the people that said, “Desi’s Can’t Rap”, to people who didn’t believe, to all the “naysayers” in general – the track is a message for them. I wrote this song to motivate anybody that has ever felt like they didn’t belong, to the person that busts their ass at their job but never gets any credit for it, or to any Artist who has wanted to pursue music but is put down by people saying, “They can’t do it”. In this song I’m basically saying, when people can’t do something THEMSELVES, they’re going to try and black you out by saying that YOU can’t do it…so don’t believe them.”

Pak-Man Ropes In Guru Lahori For "Proper Credit (Remix)"

Watch the official music video of Pak-Man x Guru Lahori “Proper Credit Remix” –

Pak-Man took a break from music so that he could come back in a major fashion. Currently, in Atlanta – he’s been grinding it out to make new music among the Migos and the Sonny Digitals of the world. Pak-Man has a unique flow that we can’t get enough of. He first got widely recognised after appearing in the Team Back Pack Cypher. Stay tuned with for exclusive interview with Pak-Man.