Pak-Man & his Sick Flow is back! ‘Proper Credit’ Out Now


Pak is back! Pak-Man just dropped a sick song – Proper Credit – and if you want to hear some sick flows, you’re gonna have to jump on this train right now.

Pak-Man – Proper Credit

STREAM or DOWNLOAD – Pak-Man – Proper Credit


After dropping some bangers in recent years, Pak-Man took a break from music so that he could come back in a major fashion. Currently in Atlanta – he’s been grinding it out to make new music among the Migos and the Sonny Digitals of the world.

Pak-Man has a unique flow that I can’t get enough of. I remember when I first heard him in the Team Back Pack Cypher that he dropped. The guy’s flow and delivery had my attention. He followed that up with numerous releases with that unique flow.

Now, back with ‘Proper Credit’, he had my head bobbin’ like never before. This is definitely the new and improved Pak-Man 2.0. His ability to tell stories has also jumped to a new level. The man’s had numerous life experiences that he expresses eloquently through his verses – and he’s done just that with this track.

STREAM or DOWNLOAD – Pak-Man – Proper Credit


It’s exciting to see Pak-Man back in action. He is working on new tracks and singles more than ever, and that just means that we will have more music in our ears to bump to!

We already know that the man’s grinding it out with Proper Credit. And we hear that there is a dope remix planned for this track – with the likes of Guru Lahori? But, nah, we’re not gonna confirm whether that’s true or not. You will have to wait for that to come out, just like we do!

Check out the track above, and share your thoughts with us – drop comments, share, like, do what you do!



Pak-Man proper credit out now