PABLO Drops his Debut Album “Pablo’s Gonna Pull Up On You”

Hailing from Kolkata, rapper-songwriter-music producer PABLO has just dropped his debut album “Pablo’s Gonna Pull Up On You”. The title is derived from his own producer tag, which is a recurring theme in his songs. The project is released through PABLO’s own record label ‘Khaos Kartel’.


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The 10-track album covers a wide range of soundscapes, as well as multiple languages like English, Spanish, Hindi and Punjabi. “Pablo’s Gonna Pull Up On You” is a storytelling journey of the rapper from being the most underrated artist to one of the biggest in the game – a story told over raging beats and through the most captivating lyrics you have ever heard from him. Largely autobiographical, he dedicates this album to Kolkata – the city that raised him. Entirely produced and engineered by the rapper himself, this project is sonically from the future and has vocal features from some really talented artists. The features on the album includes Tracy De Sa, Gravity, Rocky Gorkhali, Sukhmani Bedi and Sandeep Vyas.

The 27-year-old artist has been making music since he was 16 and raps exclusively in English. PABLO has also performed for major festival brands in India like Sunburn, VH1 Supersonic, Zomaland, Grub Fest, Enchanted Valley Carnival and many more club shows.

Stream “Pablo’s Gonna Pull Up On You” below.

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