One Shot

Notoriously known for his sharply inventive verses and his single takes in the booth, his lyrical talent is what keeps Hip-Hop alive.  With four mix-tapes released, “Lyrikill Minority”, “One Shot Kill Vol. 1” , “The HeadLinerz ” along side CTB, and most recently “True Colors” – Shot easily took over the scene by becoming Montreal’s most demanded MC.

Born in Pakistan yet raised in Montreal, he won’t depict that typical rapper. However, its his unique style and versatility that draws you in. Growing up listening to the legendary Jay-Z, OneShot was clearly inspired by Hip-Hop, but R&B, Rock and of course, sticking to his roots, Desi music have had great influence to his song writing and beat choice. Now, he is unstoppable and is just one step away from proving that dreams come true.