An Ode To The Producers In Indian Hip-Hop! (Part 1)

, , , has covered the front runners of the Hip Hop scene in India. We have also expanded our reach within the underground communities all around the country. Almost every song, every hit record, every auxiliary piece of work, and content piece (major or minor) falls through our radar.

As our approach towards the culture is holistic, we want to make sure that we cover as many of the details that we can in the scene. This article is specifically aimed at the creative geniuses behind the song and records that we listen to. Not much credit has been given to the producers in the scene, who are equally as important as the ones in front of a mic. This is why we created this list. To shine light on the names that sometimes get overlooked by others in the scheme of things. These are some of the finest producers to have created some great hits along the way, this list also contains some of the up and coming producers that you may or may not have heard of.

(Note – This is not a comprehensive list of the best producers, we will do a rollout for a lot of producers along the way. Treat the list as a part one of many more to come.)

1) StunnahSezBeatz

As we have covered before, StunnahSezBeatz are one of the most successful producer duos in the country. Both of them have produced hits and bangers not just for themselves, but for a range of artists around the whole country. It is not a stretch to say that most of the songs that artist have created on their beats, end up being their best bodies of work.


To add to that, they even have an international customer base. They have sold beats to top artists in America (the most recent example being Phora). This duo literally survives and thrives on making Hip-Hop music. It is their source of livelihood and they take all the means to make sure that they take it seriously. This work ethic has been paying them dividends for ages.


The beats that they create are all catered towards the sound of hip hop in its modern format. These are the sounds that you hear on top class hits and records around the world. Earlier this year, the duo even presented a lecture on the music in Indian hip hop in the present day at the Palm Expo in Mumbai. We are only wish the best for the duo in the future and we know that they will be climbing the ladder to success even further year in year out.

2) HHB

Akash Yadav a.k.a HHB is an undiscovered gem in the Indian Hip Hop scenario. He has also produced tracks for a lot of emcees, mostly based around Bombay. He has been honing his skills for over 8 years now and is one of the most diverse producers that this scene has ever seen. His skill for songwriting and his ear for the most diverse sounds to add in his music is what keeps his brand apart from the rest.


He has also been in the process of creating sounds for his upcoming EP for a while now and we are definitely awaiting that release. He was also a presenter at the 2017 Palm Expo talking about the status of the sound of Indian Hip-Hop. His expertise in creating the types of beats only he can create is something worth waiting for.

3) Baajewala

Baajewala is a fairly recent producer in the scene. But nonetheless he has been climbing up the soundscape with ease. His new age sounds are what he is most noticeable for. Though he has a very selected and limited number of beats online, make no doubt that he has worked with some great artists in the scene.

He is definitely want to keep an eye out for in the producer game. He has also collaborated with Delhi based emcee Yungsta for a majority of his project. Listen to his sounds below. All this and more to be coming soon from his side of the fence.


4) Dorian X

Dorian X has been in the producing game since the early days of Hip-Hop in India. A Bombay based producer, he is most known for his works with the local emcees. His style is very distinct because of the types of sound he uses create his beats. They can be described as raw, organic and natural sounding beats because of the way they have been programmed.


Dorian X leaves no stone unturned while producing his beats. He is currently working on Bombay based emcee Kav-E’s upcoming album. The process has taken him a year full of dedication and practice to his craft. He has also worked on various other artists like Poetik Justis, and even Gari-B’s albums. Moreover he is also walking on the music for the “Elsewhere” crew EP. This is one producer you should definitely keep your sights on. Along the way he has even composed background scores for various digital commercials. Check out some of his work below.

5) The Sixth Element

The Sixth Element is also an OG hip-hop producer. He has been in the game for a long time and his expertise reflects on almost all the beats that he creates. He has been creating beats for international customers since a long time now. In fact his major customer base is said to be a foreign audience rather than the typical Indian consumer base.


He creates distinctly unique be patterns which includes sampling, old school flavors, and an all around intriguing pattern of songwriting that will remind you of the golden age of Hip-Hop while still keeping it fresh and up to date. Sixth Element has a vast library of beats that you can browse through on his social media pages. He even has had emcees like Reef The Lost Cauze and Diabolic spit on his beats. When underground veterans like them give you props by jumping on your beats, you know that the man is official.

Hip-Hop is expression in many forms, and most of his beats give us those same creative vibes for days. It is rare to see these kind of beats nowadays in the market. But Sixth Element pulls this off with ease. There is a certain pull to his beats that only true hip hop heads understand. Make sure you Check out his beats on the links below. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

6) Har Man

Next up on this list is Mumbai based producer Har Man. In a short span of time he has worked with a lot of different artists in the Indian Hip Hop community. Names like Rocky Glock, Mc Heam, Kidshot, Mack Varpe, Tune Tha Rapper etc. are among some of the list of emcees that he has produced beats for.


Har Man’s style is mostly new age trap with catchy sounds that adds to the flavor. His work with Rocky Glock is a shining example of his ability to build an artist by getting on the boards. For all your new age hip hop lovers out there, Har Man is your plug to the sound. With punchy bass lines, trap snares, and perfect combination of hi-hats to go with them; what’s not to like. Here is a producer that knows exactly what he’s doing each time that he goes in to build a beat from scratch.

Expectations are definitely high from such kind of producers and Har Man seems to be delivering flawlessly. He is building his own body of work through the artists that he is networking with and that is a very good plus point for him that adds to his growth as a beat maker/song writer too. Get some of his work down in the links below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

7) Shinji

Among the wide range of new and upcoming producers in the scene there are lots of promising talents in Bombay. The next pick is also from Bombay. Going by the moniker ‘Shinji’, Pranay Pawar is on the up and up when it comes to production. Yes already released two beat tapes and has a special penchant for lo-fi beat types. His sampling skills are beyond promising, and even his original compositions stand out with a special Shinji flavour.


He is also the mastermind behind the DHH Freestyle Friday beats (Bombay Edition). So far, so good for the young producer. He is learning at a fast pace and keep elevating his skills with each drop that he puts out. Shinji has also produced songs for Ace of Mumbai’s Finest, EMF, Tadpatri Talkies, THHM and so on. He is quickly rising up as the go to producer for a lot of emcees around the area. This is only a boon for the young producer and a great start for him as well.


It is great to see that the next generation of hip hop is diving into the world of production as well. This keeps the tradition of DJ’ing and producing alive and ensures new and different sounds coming out from each corner of the country. Check out some of Shinji’s work below and also download his debut EP if you feeling the vibes.



8) RjV Ernesto (Street Academics)

RjV Ernesto (of Street Academics) is also one of the best producers that India has seen. We cannot stress the importance of how he is as adept an emcee, as he is a producer. But for the sake of this article, let us bring out the producer side of the creative genius that is RJV. Hailing from the backwaters of Palakkad, Kerala; RjV responsible for many hit tracks and many tracks of different artists from the underground. Some of his most noticeable bodies of work are his initial works with Divine, and of course his own crew.


He is more than skilled in lo-fi/old skool/grimey beats. That is not taking away from his talents to build any range of beats. He has a lot of buried treasures in his vault. That he creates these secret stashes of beats itself wants to make you explore more of the sounds that he has. He has been in the game since its initial days and has elevated his sounds as well as the sounds that are coming out through him, and by extension the scene, in a large way.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-12 at 6.57.00 PM

Check out some of his contributions to Indian Hip Hop below. We even have some links that you can check out to explore his range of music.

9) I’n’stine

Representing the crew “Mumbai’s Finest” is one of the best Hip-Hop producers in the country today. I’n’Stine is a name you might have heard only in passing on a few beats here and there, but make no mistake, he is a force to be reckoned with. In Stine is a producer that is known best for his affiliation and his works with Mumbai Finest crew. He is sort of the secret weapon that keeps them on track from time to time.


A humble man in person, the producer has a catalogue of beats that have some never before heard sounds. Some of the songs are on their way or getting ready for release as we speak right now. The experience and expertise that I’n’Stine has gathered through time is definitely unmatched. Check out the sounds coming from the lab right below and comment if you feeling it!

10) D-Mon (Khaasi Bloodz)

Perhaps the most unique sounds to come out from a rap supergroup in India thus far is given to us by the power-packed Khaasi Bloodz straight out of the Northeast. D-Mon has been known to produce some of their tracks and he does a great job of setting the tone for the crew each time he gets behind the boards. D-Mon produced the crews first official song launched through a music video.

He has been a big impact on the groups direction in music and the best thing about D-Mon is that he incorporates the knowledge element of Hip-Hop in the tracks he’s making each time. The essential producer needs this to get ahead of the game and D-Mon easily reflects that in music.


D-Mon has also produced some great hits of Khaasi Bloodz the prime example being his hand in “This Is My Life”. A simple, minimalistic, alternative and uptempo beat with heavy bars all over. Check his amazing work down below to know the unique sounds coming from the North-East!