NUKA & KAAMBHAARI DROPS “AYO BURN”, A Conscious Hip Hop Dialogue


NUKA aka Anushka Manchanda unites back with Kandivali’s Kaam Bhaari for their first bilingual track “Ayo Burn”. It covers all over current affairs – from data privacy, marital rape, global warming, environmental destruction, farmer suicide, corruption and so much more.

“There are many causes for concern in our country, things that need our urgent attention. But life keeps everyone busy. Today, for the first time in my life, in my surroundings, I am experiencing my country awakening. I am hearing the rallying cry of people coming together to fight against the politics of hate and division. Not just that, there are questions about the environment, the education system, about data privacy,” Anushka Manchanda said about the content of the project. “And I am inspired! I feel hopeful! This track is for those who are still on the fence, it’s an appeal to them to take a stand. Someone once told me that I could either be an artist, or an activist. I choose both.”

Though the song was written two years ago, the artists chose to release it now because of the whole situation that is happening in the country. Also it stirs enough emotion to act, that was the mood and feeling going through this entire process. The music video is built around a group of apathetic people who don’t care about what’s going on around them because they feel like they are not affected by it. But towards the end it makes its clear that to find solutions and move forward, we all have get and act together.

Kaam Bhaari talking about his process behind lyrics said, “Ye gana maine Nuka ke saath likhaa tha, about 2 years ago. Desh ke haalat kharab ho rahe hai aur jo bhi mujhe aur samaj ko dard jhelna pad raha hai iske zimmedar hum khud hai, mai aur Nuka iss gaane se ye batana chaahte hai ki hume Aawaz uthaana padega aur jo bhi galat cheezein is duniya mai horahi hai uske baare mai bolna padega. Kab tak chup rahenge hum? Iss track mai maine ye bhi likha hai ki “India ko karo zara Finland tum.” Means the people of country should get equal education, every student should get strict but free education there should be nothing like private school and goverment schools.”

AYO BURN is released under the IncInk Records, founded by Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh and you can stream it below.

HEADER IMAGE by Tanya Agarwal for IncInk Records