Netflix Collaborates With Desi Rappers Once Again On “Ajoobe” By 7Bantaiz!

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7Bantaiz are an exemplary Hip-Hop crew from the streets of Dharavi. They have worked hard and consistent to keep their level of skill polished, and learn more from their peers. This is a crew that is in sync with each others vision. They are part of a larger collective named “Dharavi United”, which goes to say that they are intertwined with their community in a continuous learning process.

They have made a name for themselves by being one of the standout acts from Mumbai. Their songs bang, and their performance makes you jump each time.

Crew Love

Last year, Netflix collaborated with Divine for the promo of their original show “Sacred Games”. This year, Netflix collaborates with 7Bantaiz for their newly launched “The Umbrella Academy” – a show adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics original 6 part series.

All 6 of the Bantaiz confide their energy to represent the 6 children of the Academy. Their verses string a line of characteristics of each of the children. Needless to say, the Bantaiz have done a great job of bringing the energy with their bars.

Collaborations like these prove that Hip-Hop in India is at its boom, it is a sign of great times, and a measure of how far the game has come. 7Bantaiz are currently working on their debut body of work, and we can expect them to drop some great tunes in the coming future.