Exclusive Interview – Kannada Rap Pioneer All OK On Beefs & Latest Track ‘Yaakinge’ 

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Bangalore’s eminent artist All Ok recently dropped his new Kannada rap ‘Yaakinge’ which is going viral by each passing second. We bet you’ll enjoy the track even if you don’t know the language. ‘Yaakinge’ presently ranks No.1 on the TikTok charts in Kannada and has also topped the BBC radio chart. Apart from having a catchy tune and lyrics, this song is very well directed and edited.


Known as the pioneer of Kannada rap,  All Ok started his journey as a rapper in 2007. His hard work and skills helped him earn a huge fan following. Also known as Alok Babu R, he garnered 100k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.

This talented artist got many feathers in his hat. Apart from being a rapper, he is also an actor, singer, lyricist, director, composer as well as an influencer. His first movie called Joshh released in 2009 and was one of the biggest hits of that time. Not just that, he has acted in total of 26 movies ranging in 5 different languages!

The artist thanks his team whole-heartedly which comprises of MC Bijju, Sid, DJ Lethal A, and many others who supported him a lot through his journey.


All Ok exclusively told DHH what made him produce this track, “I choose not to make diss tracks as I always choose to stay away from negativity and people spreading it. Diss tracks bring comparisons hate and false pride! I mean why do we need to put someone down to prove you are better? World has internet and market is expanding, I choose to go there and spread positivity and set a good example for everyone instead.”

He further added, “We live in the world of illusions, we often forget to do reality check. Yaakinge was the minor reality check that we were all looking for! I wanted to point out few mistakes we all make, so this song came to the picture,” he added.

The artist further revealed his wish to not just be tagged as a rapper, as he aims to be someone who can fit into any form of art and genre.  He stated, “When I started, there was no indie music in Kannada, that inspired me to do something different and unique. I had no vision of anything until I met Sameer Kulkarni & Rakesh Adiga.”

“I’m always thankful to my brother & mentor Sameer for selecting me as singer for Kannada’s 1st hip-hop album Urban Lads and Rakesh for bringing me on board. The world will soon feel the power of Kannada indie music,” he concluded.

Do check it out and let us know what you think about the new single of this ace artist!