NAV drops surprise EP “Brown Boy”

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After NAV announced earlier this year that he’s quitting music following Lil Uzi Vert’s footsteps, last night came as a surprise for his fans, as his manager/friend “CashXO” dropped five of his unreleased songs as an EP named “Brown Boy”. The XO Boss Amir “Cash” Esmailian took to Instagram to tell that he’s tired of waiting for NAV to come out of “retirement” and how the new EP is comprised of songs that were on his phone and aren’t part of the rapper’s upcoming album. Some highlights from the project include “OK” featuring Lil Durk, “Go To Hell” and “Never Know”.

(Brown Boy EP’s cover art) unveiled by cashxo via. Instagram

This is NAV’s first solo work of 2019 since his last single “Know Me” which was released last year, even though he did do a feature verse on Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s single “Shoebox” in February. The production credits of tracks on this project are still not out yet because of it’s sudden release by Cash. The XO Boss was hinting about this though because he tweeted on March 8th saying “Wish I had Nav’s hard drive”. He dropped the project while announcing it on Instagram and Twitter –

“I’m tired of hunting for @nav hard drive and waiting for him to come out of retirement! So here’s some songs I had on my phone that aren’t on his album. enjoy!” @cashxo via. Instagram.

“Free Brown Boy Ep! some songs I had on my phone that aren’t on his album! Tell @beatsbynav come back!” @cashup via. Twitter. He even logged into Nav’s Twitter to tweet the project.

After the EP came out and fans started receiving it on streaming, stars started to share it out. Lil Uzi Vert also shared it and had few words for NAV too, asking him to come out of retirement saying –

“So I haven’t been talking but listen Bro @cashxo loves you and I love you man I understand I got stuff going on and this Ep is fire Please come out of retirement @nav AND DROP YOUR ALBUM its gonna be lit . I’m gettin my self together … Oh Yea Get Online” @liluzivert via. Instagram.

Then NAV also spoke about Cash dropping the project, as he (finally) woke up –

@cashxo youre an asshole @liluzivert I love you guys too.. fuck it imma just drop my real album next week! I just hope you get ur situation sorted out and you release the “e word” And I just woke up im gettin online now” @nav via. Instagram.

While we wait for Nav’s upcoming album, you can stream Brown Boy below –