NAV Drops ‘Emergency Tsunami’ Mixtape, Produced by Wheezy

Nav is looking to hit a three-peat of Billboard No.1 releases with his new mixtape, Emergency Tsunami, linking up with Wheezy on production. Any time you hear “Wheezy outta here!” as a tag on record, you know it’s going to be nothing less than flame emojis.

Over the 12-track project, Nav and Wheezy connected with five of their rapper comrades to add more sauce to stir the pot — Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Keed, Lil Baby, and Sah Babii.

Talking about his chemistry with Wheezy, NAV told GQ in recent interview, “I’ve known Wheezy since like 2015, 2016. I knew him even before I met Cash, I met him through one of my close friends. I always loved his beats and I didn’t even know he was producing for YSL or anything at the time. It’s easy to work with Wheezy because I originally was just a fan. I’m pretty picky when it comes to beats because I’m a producer too. So it’s hard for me just to rap on a beat, because if I hear any little nuances, I won’t like the beat. I picked all the beats for the album out of a batch of maybe 40 or 50”.

It’s clear that Nav has been quite productive during the COVID-19 pandemic as Emergency Tsunami serves as the Canadian star’s third official release of 2020. But his biggest contribution of 2020 thus far is on song “Lemonade,” an Internet Money original which features Don Toliver & Gunna alongside NAV. The song is currently sitting at number 9 on Hot 100 chart.

As Nav ends 2020 on a great note, Stream the mixtape below.

HEADER IMAGE is the Artwork of the Mixtape