Nasty Ninja drops an all banger Mixtape “That Kid Nasty”

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Nasty Ninja welcomes 2020 by releasing his first mixtape “That Kid Nasty” in preparation for “Future Se”, his upcoming studio album. Hailing from Mumbai, Ninja has been in the game for over a decade earning stripes as the founder of “Beast Mode Crew” and one part of “Mumbai’s Finest”. Having traveled the world as a Bboy, That Kid Nasty is infused with North American & Indian Hip Hop influences with an urban trap soundscape produced by Diefferent, MadPlug and Crazy Vibe.

Nasty Ninja who is known for his diversity in his raps showed many different themes across the mixtape. He kicks off with hype uptempo tracks like “Moonwalk” and “Tezaab” where he addresses the people who talk down on his auto-tune filled style. Then he goes more introspective and talks about god on his collaboration track with Slyck “Sambhal Lena”. In “Cash In A Bottle” he experiments with the whole island, dance-hall sound and ends the mixtape with another banger called “Drip”. That Kid Nasty effortlessly blends the two cultures bringing together the best of both worlds.

The Cover Art of the Mixtape

Ninja who is an OG in the Indian Hip Hop, is also multi-talented beingĀ a B-Boy, Rapper, Lyricist, Songwriter, Graffiti Artist, Beat Boxer, Producer. Originally from and based in Mumbai with the added flavour of having heavy North American influences, he makes his whole sound stand out from the whole scene. Starting his career as a B-Boy part of an international crew gave Ninja the opportunity to travel to the West Coast & East Coast often.

Nasty Ninja also has several accolades to his name like working with Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and being a part of more than 5000 Ad.-films and shoots. He is also a Red Bull Athlete and a Brand Ambassador for Puma, India.

You can stream That Kid Nasty mixtape below:

HEADER IMAGE is the cover art of the mixtape