Exclusive Interview – Naga Homeboiz Take “Hip Hop Away From Violence” In Urbanjam 2.0

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Popular Nagaland based Hip Hop collective Naga Homeboiz are back with their annual jam. Rap battles, breaking battles and much more took place at the State Academy Hall, Kohima in Nagaland. After the successful event last year the rap collective came back bigger and stronger with the aim of spreading the message of “Hip Hop away from violence”.

DesiHipHop.com got in touch with Naga Homeboiz to know more about the event. This is how it went –

urban jam nagaland

What’s the Urban Jam 2.0 about?

We started this Urban Jam event, which is a fully fledged Hip-Hop show purely focused on the roots of Hip-Hop and its rich culture. In an attempt to change the people’s perspective towards how we tend to overlook this particular genre in a rather negative vibe. On the bright side, the grass is always greener and we, aim to promote the positivity in it. The event is held annually in Nagaland and this year being the 2nd edition, we wanted to take it furthermore and promote the upcoming artists and introduce them to bigger audience.

urban jam 1Snap from Urban Jam 2.0

The show went down on the 30th September, 2017 at State Academy Hall, Kohima; Nagaland organised by the Naga Homeboiz. Headlined by AK Trigga, HOP crew, Table 3 & M. Dox, the show also witnessed live rap battle on the venue. Sponsored by NCL Streetwear, Ideal Beatz, Nestvibe, Imprint & Infinite Records we tend to take it a step further in the coming days after the successful completion of the show.

Can you elaborate the message behind “Hip Hop away from violence”?

“Hip-Hop away from violence” – we chose this particular theme so as to relate with our current situation in our vicinity. We are facing a crisis where Hip-Hop is often portrayed in a negative light, therefore the event aims to instil hope and positivity to the people through Hip-Hop. This genre is not only about sex, money & drugs that’s what we want them to know.

urban jam 2Snap from Urban Jam 2.0

How often do Hip Hop gigs happen in Nagaland? How is this gig different from others?

Hip-Hop acts rarely happen here and most of the organisers in our place are not quite familiar with it. Chances are often given to the other genres which keeps on repeating again & again. Independently, we started this movement and we are proud to say that we made the “UrbanJam” event happen without any support from the Government aid or corporate backing. Urban Jam is quite a distinctive event as it is an independent event and this portrays our hard work and dedication for the culture and it’s sub-culture. Just like this very statement from Drake’s song, “Started from the bottom, now we here.”

urban jam 3Snap from Urban Jam 2.0

What’s your take on the current Desi Hip Hop scene? Any message for our readers?

The Hip-Hop heads from our vicinity have always been appreciating the Desi Hip-Hop scene for promoting real Hip-Hop. Real recognise real and Desi Hip-Hop finna make wave!!!  We are thankful for this opportunity to have this brief interview with Desi Hip-Hop. Thank you. Love from the North-Eastern region of India (Nagaland). Let’s spread Love and not Hate. Big shout out to all the Real Hip-Hop heads doing their thing. One love! Peace.

Watch the official promo video of “UrbanJam 2.0” here –