Naezy, Spitfire, MC Altaf Show India A Taste Of Authentic Desi Hip Hop!

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What can we say about Gully Boy that hasnt been said already? The movie hasn’t even hit the big screen yet and there are a hundred different opinions about the scene. There is much noise about the movie both in the Hip-Hop community and the general masses. The true impact of the movie is yet to be seen, but Excel Entertainment is holding nothing back while promoting the authentic voices of Bombay.

Voices Rise

In their promos leading up to the release date, Excel has chosen to divert from the norms and promote the authentic, true to sound Hip-Hop from around Bombay. So far, we have seen three videos off of many other upcoming artists doing their thing. Naezy, Spitfire and MC Altaf have contributed 3 unique sounds to the movie, as will the artists yet to be announced.

Naezy kicks off the series with a hard-hitting reminder of his return. The scene has missed a much needed voice in the community, and Naezy has come back stronger than ever. A small glimpse into what’s in store, Naezy has dropped an intricate verse like he never left.

Spitfire is one of the hidden jewels of Indian Hip-Hop, and the movie has only acted as a catalyst to his rise. The young emcee was destined for great things, and he has set milestones in his chart. The verse that he dropped for the Voice Of The Streets Series focuses on his introduction to, and love for, Hip-Hop music. His pen game is proficient and he is climbing his way up the ladder with his unique delivery and writing. Representing Chhatarpur to the fullest, he reps his city loud and proud.

MC Altaf is another rising star from Bombay. Representing Dharavi to the fullest – MC Altaf has dropped a lot of hits and continues to carve his own path in the scene. There is a mellow, inspiring vibe to his promo track. The story speaks for itself, and MC Altaf enforces a sense of respect on the listeners on this track!

This is the start to a new era in Hip-Hop, and it is up to each one of us in the community to strengthen the bonds further by uniting and pushing only the best voices in the community. This is the responsibility on our shoulders and Desi Hip Hop is ever ready to push the culture.