Naezy Sheds His Own Light Through “Aane De”

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In the rap circuit in India, it is not so easy to find sounds that distinctively bring out stories like the way Naezy does. His latest offering “Aane De” has done that through and through. All you need to do is read between the lines of his first verse on this track. This song has been some time in the making and to see it in it’s entirety brings a reminder that he is still an upper echelon artist.


Bring It On!

This song is also a reminder of the roots that Naezy has come from. And it also reminds you of the crossroads he is in as an artist in India. The video was shot on Naezy’s leg of the “Alchemy Tour”. The tour also featured artists like Dee MC and Black Zang to name a few. The tour took place around May this year. It featured artists from all around the South Asian continent. In “Aane De”, Naezy embraces the positivity within him and let’s out the negativity around him. This is what many artists have presented and represented through their music. Now Naezy highlights his own picture in that same portrait.


With some very interesting samples used in the beat and the flow that has been an official trademark of Naezy, he has glided his thoughts over the beat well. You can also see the same in the video. We also see fellow Alchemy artists in the video too. It is a montage of Naezy in the streets of UK. The visual message is clear – “whoever thought Hip-Hop could take us this far”. The second verse might seem a bit rushed and may not compare to the eccentricity of the first, but it is impactful regardless. Naezy continues to inspire and grow in his own pace and his own ways.

Watch the full song below and let us know your thoughts through the comments!

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