Naezy Returns To The Rap Game!

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After almost 2 years of silence, the prodigal son of Mumbai Rap is back at it once again! The wait is over as Naezy has just released visuals for “Aafat Wapas” – his much anticipated comeback track.

On his return, the emcee has taken us back to his roots and reminded the hip-hop community that he is still on top of his form. And as Naezy rightfully declares at the end of the video “Abhi Baaki Hai Bhai”!

The Return

After a long exile from rap, Naezy has definitely returned to a newer, improved version of the Desi Hip-Hop soundscape. The game has definitely grown since the last drop. But with Aafat Wapas, he has met the levels required to prove why his sound is distinct and sets itself apart from a lot of other voices in the country. The video for this song was also shot entirely on an iPhone XS, and expertly made by Happy Mandal.

The song also has shorter more intricate verses by Naezy layed down in between a simple hook, the songwriting is definitely one of Naezy’s trademarks. There is a rumor of a bigger body of work being created by Naezy, and we cant wait for what the emcee has to showcase. Aafat Wapas is a throwback redefined, presenting to you an upgraded Naezy.  Watch the video for “Aafat Waapas” down below and let us know what you feel about it! Spread the word!